The Port of Baltimore was founded in 1729. This is a tale of three men who will never meet: Enoch Pratt, James Lombard and Tom Armstrong. This is Between Pratt and Lombard.

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Zoos abound

If you seriously look at the word "zoos" for a sufficient amount of time, the meaning drifts away from you...

...this happens to all words in general, but for "zoos", it happens faster

This past weekend my mother came to visit my humble abode shortly after the 1st floor half bathroom's marble floor was put in place. Perlatino Beige is the color of our Italian marble and 1/16th of an inch is the distance between any two tiles. Far and away, I can see the value in excellent tilework and excellent tile. The marble is fitting in around the neighborhood as well. Across the street, there's a house on the market for the low 600s and, right down the block, for the high 700s. Last week, the Chapel NDP Apartments started to get razed to make way for the Johns Hopkins $80+ million revitalization.


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