The Port of Baltimore was founded in 1729. This is a tale of three men who will never meet: Enoch Pratt, James Lombard and Tom Armstrong. This is Between Pratt and Lombard.

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Chapel NDP

I don't study, formally, gentrification or anything that would allow me to comment with authority here...

...but forcing poor people out with a $2,000 carrot is humbug

When I was out in Mountain View, CA working for Google, there was a different kind of attitude for buying/selling/trading things that made craigslist possible. The Baltimore craigslist leaves something to be desired, but I have been able to use it to sell leftover house junk. A graduate student and an undergraduate at UMBC have formed a more collegiate-oriented site in Open Posting. There is an ubiquitous flier campaign for Open Posting that has gotten old and their interface is something between the effectively minimal and the technologically driven. Nested scrolling is bad!


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