The Port of Baltimore was founded in 1729. This is a tale of three men who will never meet: Enoch Pratt, James Lombard and Tom Armstrong. This is Between Pratt and Lombard.

nedjelja, veljače 12

23" is nothing

Miami (also South Beach) was better than Baltimore...

...US$80 for breakfast

I was fortunate enough to miss the entire of the snow storm that blanketed the Northeast with a decent amount and instead sunned myself outside the Waldorf Towers Hotel on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, learned something at a conference at The University of Miami, and succeeded at fulfilling my need for a work by Romero Britto. My gallery is growing and the piece, House of Love, is making its way North. I wasn't ready to invest >US$4500 in a relatively small piece, but I will do that soon enough. Now, I'm perusing the available art on artnet and I cannot decide on anything.


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