The Port of Baltimore was founded in 1729. This is a tale of three men who will never meet: Enoch Pratt, James Lombard and Tom Armstrong. This is Between Pratt and Lombard.

nedjelja, siječnja 22

Work progresses

Leo and I finally submitted our revised paper...

...the last one took us to Edinburgh and now Pittsburgh, here we come!

Leo is a Ph.D. student in Computational Linguistics from Spain and she was funded by the Spanish government to come to UMBC and work with Tim and I. Over the course of six months we worked on two projects that have turned into a publication and a future journal article. We went to Greece in October of 2004 and then to Scotland in 2005 because of the work. Academia pays a decent wage, gives you plenty of time off, offers flexible hours, and pays for trips around the world without awkward corporate meetings. Moreover, I can work on anything that I want and teach however I see fit. It's the best job in the world.


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