The Port of Baltimore was founded in 1729. This is a tale of three men who will never meet: Enoch Pratt, James Lombard and Tom Armstrong. This is Between Pratt and Lombard.

nedjelja, siječnja 8

The sibling arrives

Maura visits from the 12th until the 15th...

...we relaxed and shopped for art

We didn't go on the first Friday of the month, but we still made the rounds on the Fell's Point Art Loop. Most of the art was generic and the subjects of the photography weren't interesting to me, but I am going to continue to look for Baltimore oriented art. There's an excellent acrylic on canvas work that friends of the family own depicting Elm Park in Worcester during the Big D era that really works for me. If there were something along those lines, but with a Charm City depiction, then I'd buy.


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